Bluebird Finery Debut and Feature in Belong Magazine


Debut 1170 780 Jacquelyn

Hello there! You can read more about the origins of Bluebird Finery over at the about page. Since I already have a (neglected) blog where I post about a myriad of things, including jewelry, this will mostly be where I post about news, events, and sales.

You might notice there’s a new logo (designed by yours truly) and a new website. Beyond that, the first news-worthy thing for Bluebird is that the Luna necklace was featured in Belong Magazine! So cool, right?!? Brooke is pretty much the best, so if you’re not familiar with Belong Magazine and its ethos, you really should be. Go check Belong out at Barnes & Noble and select stores near you. (Also, there might be a coupon code in there from Bluebird Finery.) You can download free e-copies of the magazine online also (download issue 14 here), but you must admit that reading a printed magazine is a lovely way to unwind away from a screen.

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